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Cheshire School of Agriculture 1953

This is the souvenir programme of the garden party held at the Cheshire School of Agriculture, on 10th June, 1953, to celebrate the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The college was owned Cheshire County Council, and provides an interesting view of the college and farming at that time.

HM The Queen
Portrait by Dorothy Wilding, London



3.0 - 3.30 p.m. - Reception by the Chairman of the County Council, Alderman J. Wesley Emberton, J.P., D.L., and Mrs. Emberton.

4.0 p.m. onwards - Tea will be served.

5.30 p.m. - Mrs Emberton will plant a tree on the lawn adjoining Reaseheath Hall to commemorate the occasion.

6.0 p.m. - Departure of Guests.
Music will be provided during the afternoon by the Band of the Manchester Regiment, under their Conductor, Band master E. G. Spooner, A.R.C.M., by kind permission of Major H. B. D. Crozier, D.S.O., and the Officers of the Manchester Regiment.


During the afternoon the various Departments of the Cheshire School of Agriculture and the grounds will be open for inspection, and the attention of guests is drawn to the following exhibits.

1.       Education Block.
An exhibit on the teaching of Agriculture, emphasising the dependence of mankind on this basic industry and the way in which the farmer uses and improves upon natural forces to provide our daily food

2.       Horticultural Department.
(a)    Glasshouse Section - the growing of tomatoes and cucumbers.
(b)   Walled Garden - the use of cloches and Dutch lights.
(c)    Orchard - top and soft fruit growing.
In addition, the Department is responsible for the ornamental grounds, and attention is drawn to the rock garden which contains many rare species of plants.

3.       Agricultural Department.
(a)    Hall Farm.
Illustration of crop rotation in the farmyard.
The pedigree Ayrshire Herd can be seen in the field adjoining the Women's Hostel and in the buildings at milking time.
Pig breed and bacon production.

(b) Experimental Farm.
Shorthorn and Friesian Cattle in the Milking Parlour.
Intensive sheep grazing for the production of mutton.

(c) Controlled grazing can be seen after milking at both farms.

4.       Poultry Department.
(a) Semi-intensive systems of poultry management.
(b) Plucking and trussing of poultry.
(c) Beef production from the Poultry unit.

5.       Dairy Department,
(a) Milk cooling and the sterilising of dairy utensils.

(b) Buttermaking and Cheesemaking equipment.


County Alderman J. Wesley Emberton, J.P., D.L.,
Chairman of the Cheshire County Council


Members of the Cheshire County Council

Chairman of the Cheshire County Council-
Alderman J. Wesley Emberton, D.L.,

Vice-Chairman of the Cheshire County Council-
Alderman Mrs. L.E.I.J. Bromley-Davenport

County Alderman.

G. Astbury, Esq., J.P.
T. H. Bate, Esq.
F. Beard, Esq„ J.P.
T Beswick. Esq.
J. Bowler. Esq.
T Clayton, Esq.
H: J. S. Dewes. Esq.
John Done, Esq.. O.B.E.
T. A. Edwards, Esq.
A. H. Fawley, Esq.
Col. F. J. Finlow, O.B.E., T.D., D.L.
F. D. Gee, Esq.
W. A. Gibson, Esq.
W. Gittins, Esq.
Sir Otto Glover, Kt.
G. F. Gordon, Esq.
E. Marsh. Esq.
H. Howard Robinson. Esq.
The Rev. Canon B. B. Slater.
J. E. Smallwood. Esq.
Mrs. F. Wood.

County Councillors.

N. N. Aitchison, Esq.
Miss G. M. Russell Allen.
D. A. Barber. Esq.
A. Barwood, Esq,
Mrs. M. Bayes.
H. S. Bourne, Esq.
A. Bown. Esq.
H. Bradbury. Esq.
T. W. B. Brodbelt. Esq.
S. T. Brooks. Esq.
C. R. Broster, Esq.
F. H. Callison, Esq.
L. Cookson. Esq.
C. L. S. Cornwall-Leqh,
E. R. Cowen. Esq.
H. H. Cunlife, Esq.
Frank Dale, Esq.
George E. Dale, Esq.
O. Davis. Esq.
G. Deakins, Esq.
Wm. Dutton, Esq.
Mrs. E. G. Elks.
H. Farrall. Esq.
F. W. Farber. Esq.
Mrs. l. Gillies.
F J. Greensill, Esq.
J. 'O. P. Griffiths, Esq.
G. Grubb, Esq.
Mrs. M. H. Harley.
Mrs. R. B. Heathcote.
C W. Hobson. Esq.
J.. Hollinshead. Esq.
H. Hughes. Esq.
Mrs. E. S. Hyde. Esq.
J. T. Jackson, Esq.
F. C. James, Esq.
J. E. Jones, Esq.
W. G. Jones, Esq.
J. Kershaw. Esq.
J. R. Locker. Esq.
H. Mann, Esq
H. S. Mather. Esq.
F. McBirnie, Esq.
A. E. Moors, Esq.
E. Newall, Esq.
Mrs. M. F. Newall.
R. E. North. Esq.
Mrs. C. Nutt.
R. E. Payton, Esq.
H. Peake, Esq.
R. Powell, Esq.
E. Price, Esq.
J. H. l. Radcliffe, Esq.
E. Sarson, Esq.
J. Shrigley, Esq.
A. Sidebottom, Esq.
Leonard V. South, Esq.
Mrs. F.L. Tunstall.
J. Turner, Esq.
Dr. J. R. Turner.
H. G. Vernon, Esq., T.D.
W. H. Walker, Esq.
A. WhitIey. Esq.
H. W. Williams, Esq.
Miss B. E. Wilson.
J. N. Wilson. Esq.
J. Wright, Esq.
W. D. Yarwood, Esq.


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